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Key Features in Webgility Desktop
Key Features in Webgility Desktop

Key Features in Webgility Desktop

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Key Features in Webgility Desktop

Note: Not all features listed below are necessarily included in your Webgility plan. See a breakdown of features by plan here.

1). Automated Bookkeeping

Watch as your online transactions and fees are automatically recorded to your accounting solution, eliminating the need for manual data entry. Learn how you can start posting orders into your accounting solution and how to set up automation with the Webgility Scheduler.

2). Essential Inventory Management

Keep inventory levels and pricing updated across your sales channels and accounting solutions so you never oversell. Learn how

3). Multiple Inventory Sites

Automate the fulfillment of products from various locations based on state, country, or order tag. Learn more

4). Product Listing Manager

Publish essential details about your products from your accounting solution to your sales channels, or vice versa, in a matter of minutes. Learn how

5). Sales Tax Management

Sit back as sales tax is collected from all of your revenue channels and is recorded and neatly organized by jurisdiction into your accounting solution for easier filing. Learn how, here. Also, connect with Avalara for advanced sales tax rate validation and automated filing. Learn more about calculating tax in QuickBooks with Avalara.

6). Convenient Order Management

Process payments, generate shipping labels, update notes, and so much more.

7). Automated Shipping & Fulfillment

Automate fulfillment with UPS, FedEx,, ShippingEasy, or ShipStation. Learn how, here. Also, compare rates and ship with the most cost-effective option.

8). Webgility Analytics

Forget about the hours of work it takes to determine profitability each month. With just a few clicks, you can see a holistic view of your business profitability or a breakdown of where your profits lie by product, channel, and order with Webgility Analytics. Plus, see a snapshot of where you start with sales each day and dig into revenue trends to anticipate what’s coming.

Access Webgility Analytics here, and utilize your existing login for Webgility. If you don't have access to the profitability dashboard and want to add it, contact us via the chatbot.

9). Phone & Offline Order Management

Enter and process new orders placed over the phone or in person. Learn how

​In need of something that you don't see here? Learn about options for customization.

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