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How to Post Orders to Your Accounting Solution with Webgility Desktop
How to Post Orders to Your Accounting Solution with Webgility Desktop

Keep your books accurate by posting orders into your accounting platform automatically.

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This article shows the general steps to post orders into QuickBooks. Once an order is downloaded into Webgility, you can direct it to be posted into your accounting solution or point of sale as a sales transaction. Posting orders can be done from the Orders, Errors, and Archived views in Webgility.

How to Post Orders to Your Accounting Solution with Webgility Desktop

Posting from the Orders view is shown below, but the method works in the other views as well.

Order Posting from the Orders view


1. Select the orders you want to post to your accounting solution via the box on the left-hand side of the view.

2. Once you have selected the order, click Post to QuickBooks on the bottom menu bar. The label on this button will change depending on the accounting solution you have connected.

3. When posting multiple orders, an in-progress status will appear on the bottom border of Webgility Desktop. If you are posting multiple orders, it will also list out the current order it is working on posting to your accounting solution.

4. Once orders have finished posting, you will receive a pop-up with the results. Ideally, you want to see a lot of successful postings in this area, which will state Posted with a green background.

Order Posting from the error view

Orders that are not successfully posted to the accounting solution will be pushed to the Errors view.

There may be a few different reasons for the order to be automatically moved to the error tab. Here, is an example.

To learn more about error view please refer to this article Errors View in Webgility Desktop

Order Posting from the Archive view

We usually recommend archiving orders once they’re completed. But if you have archived it for any reason. Here is a video to post orders from archive view.

To remove an order from your accounting solution that was previously posted by Webgility, you can use the "unpost" or "undo sync" option: Learn How to Unpost Transactions from Webgility Desktop with Undo Sync

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