This is your guide to help you through the installation, training and launch of your platform. We’ll provide you with resources to guide you through your product installation, implementation, and launch. These help documents, videos and other resources will help you configure settings and provide you with additional training during implementation and throughout your ecommerce journey. Let’s get started!

Product Installation

Before your implementation call you will need to download and install Webgility Desktop, it only take a few minutes. The video below will provide you with the step-by-step directions for you to install Webgility Desktop. From logging into your portal, downloading the installer, and running it, these are the best practices for a successful installation.

Need more information? Or prefer to read each step? You can visit the full installation guide here.

Having issues installing? Sometimes installation doesn’t go as smoothly as is intended, but we can assure we have a solution to solve your issue. Here is some additional guidance to help you troubleshoot your problem:

If your QuickBooks company file is hosted with a provider such as Right Networks or Summiting Hosting, you will need to contact them to install Webgility Desktop in your hosted environment. Learn more about working with Right Networks to install Webgility and, or, QuickBooks, here.

  • Check the operating system and system configuration, and make sure they meet the recommended specifications found here.

  • Check the user permissions, often you need to be an admin on your device.

  • Check the .net framework to make sure 4.5.2 or above is installed in the control panel and make sure relevant features are enabled.

  • If you have antivirus installed, temporarily disable and reattempt installation.

  • Using a Mac? You will need to install Parallels with Windows. Learn more here.

  • Troubleshoot additional issues with the installation of your database, login and launching, here.

If you are still running into issues, we are here to help. Contact us right here and we will make sure to get the application downloaded and installed on your device promptly.


This is the step you’ve been waiting for – implementation. Our white glove, guided onboarding is divided into two sessions. In the first, Connect and Configure, we will cover installation verification and sales channel connection. In the second, Product Training, you will be trained on accounting and shipping workflows, inventory, and Webgility Intelligence.

In each session your Implementation Coach will virtually connect with you and your team to guide you through every step and help you to fully integrate Webgility into your ecommerce operation.

In the first session, Connect and Configure, there are a few key people you will need to have join so we can make sure to configure every facet of the platform and get you ready for launch. This includes your:

  • QuickBooks Administrator

  • Accountant or Bookkeeper

  • Website Developer

  • Primary Software End User

During this implementation session your coach will first verify to make sure the Webgility software and your database engine are properly installed. They will then connect Webgility to the following:

  • Your accounting solution – QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier, QuickBooks Enterprise, or QuickBooks Online.

  • Your first sales channel – you decide which channel is first, you will be able to easily add others separately following implementation.

  • Your shipping processors – for and Endicia be sure to have your username and password, and for FedEx and UPS make sure you have a recent invoice.

The resources below will provide you with additional training for accounting automation and channel connection.

Learn more about configuration in this video:

In the second session, Product Training, your Implementation Coach will cover the workflows deemed most important by you and train you on inventory, Webgility Intelligence and those identified accounting and shipping workflows. Here is what you can expect to learn in each segment:

  • Inventory Training – learn how to sync item quantities and pricing with your accounting solution both manually and automatically. If requested, you will also receive advanced inventory training which will focus on features that are designed to minimize overselling – this includes working with multiple inventory locations. The resources below will provide you with additional training for inventory features.

  • Webgility Intelligence – learn how to use Webgility Desktop to gain a holistic view of profitability with unparalleled visibility into your products, channels and orders and understand where you are generating the most profits. This can be accessed by logging in with your Webgility login. Watch the video below and learn more about how you can track your commerce performance. You can find the insights you are able to access here.

  • Accounting Workflows – you will learn both the manual and automated workflows to manage order downloading, transaction posting to your accounting solution, and the expenses and fees associated with specific marketplaces and shopping carts. The resources below will provide you with additional training on accounting workflows.

  • Fee Settings for Amazon, eBay, Shopify and PayPal

  • Shipping Workflows – learn the shipping workflows and elements that will benefit your business most so you can fully implement shipping modules for fast, efficient, and cost-effective shipping. Watch the video below to learn more about shipping automation, and find more information about basic workflows here.


At this point in the guide you have completed your implementation and you are now officially launched! Congratulations - this is just the beginning. Our team of experts is here to support your entire ecommerce journey. You will have a dedicated Customer Success Manager who will ensure you have the resources you need so that Webgility continues to solve your challenges as your business changes and grows. We are here to help you get more done with less resources, and make sure you win.

Below we have curated some of the resources that will continue to help you increase automation and maximize your use of Webgility.

The Help Center – This searchable, centralized portal provides how to and step-by-step guides so you can integrate new settings, make updates and troubleshoot on your own. Below are some of the most commonly used guides.

Video Training Library – These videos provide step by step tutorials to help you integrate settings and features, both new and legacy. Have new team members? This is a great place for them to familiarize themselves and learn.

Product Updates – Find out what’s new in your platform. From updated product releases to new features – we are always innovating. Make sure you are aware of the features that will make a difference for you. Here are some of the most recent launches:

Events – From webinars to live events, watch and stay up to date to learn about the trends, tips and tricks driving the industry from experts across ecommerce. Plus, in-house experts dive in to the intricacies of our software providing you with additional advice to optimize your business. Access past events on-demand - below are a few of our favorites.

Research, Reports and Industry Expertise – Access white papers, infographics and eBooks authored in partnership with industry experts who provide insights on industry trends, technologies, research, and opportunities. Plus, our blog shares recommendations and research across a litany of categories from inventory and ecommerce management, to accounting, shipping, omnichannel selling and more so you can be in the know, now. Navigate to both resources below along with some of the most recent relevant posts.

White Papers, Infographics, and eBooks


Have questions you can’t find the answer to, or need the input from an expert? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us via chat!

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