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Installation Guide for Webgility Desktop
Installation Guide for Webgility Desktop

Follow These Steps to Install Webgility Desktop

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Installation Guide for Webgility Desktop

How to Install Webgility Desktop

Today is the day to get Webgility up and running. We’re excited for you to get started. There are two phases to installation – installing the Webgility Desktop software and installing the SQL Database. It will only take you a few minutes to download and install each, so you can quickly be on your way to implementing e-commerce automation.

The entire process of installing the Webgility Desktop app and SQL Database takes 20-30 minutes.

Watch the videos below, or follow this step-by-step guide to begin!

Video: How to Install Webgility Desktop

Begin Webgility Desktop installation

1. Start by logging in to your account at

2. Go to Downloads in your account's bottom left area and click Download.

3. Open your downloads folder, find the file, right-click the file, and select Extract All to extract the file you downloaded.

4. Open the newly extracted WebgilityDownloader folder. Within it is a subfolder, also named Webgility Downloader. You will need to right-click on the WebgilityDownloader Application and select Run as administrator.

This will start the installation process! During this process, you may receive a pop-up asking to allow the application to change the machine. You will need to click Yes or Allow.

5. The full software will then begin to download and the entire download process may take a few minutes depending on your connection speed.

6. Once the download is complete a popup will for the License Agreement will appear. You will need to review this agreement, select the option to accept the agreement, then click Next.

7. A popup to Select Destination Location for the Webgility software will appear, this is where Webgility will be installed. Select the folder where you would like it to be installed and then click Next. It is recommended that you install this in your C:/ drive.

8. You will then be able to create a Start Menu Folder for a shortcut. Select the location and then click Next.

9. If you want a shortcut to Webgility on your desktop, click Next.

10. You are now ready to begin installing Webgility on your computer! To proceed with the installation, click Install.

11. You’re almost done! Now the software will begin to install on your computer, this process may take several minutes.

12. Once the installation is complete, click Finish to launch the Webgility software.

How to Install the SQL Database

Begin SQL Database Installation

Webgility runs off a Microsoft SQL express install while the process for installing it is simple, it can take several minutes to complete. Watch below to learn how to install, or follow the step-by-step guide.

  1. The first time you log in to Webgility, the database installation wizard will pop up. This is because the software will look for an existing database but it won’t find one so it will start the database installation wizard.

  2. The SQL files will now download. The installation files are just over 200 - 400 MB so depending on your connection speed the download may take several minutes.

  3. Once the SQL download finishes, it will self-extract to begin the installation.

  4. Next, the SQL database server will auto-install. This process can take another several minutes. During this process there will be a time when the screen appears to be unresponsive and asks you to Please wait —this is normal. It will then continue through the installation of all setup files and make any necessary updates.

  5. Once the installation is complete, you will be prompted to add your first sales channel. Now it’s really time to get started!


In case Microsoft SQL Express is unable to install due to any permission restriction then you may also install the database manually. Please follow the below-mentioned link:

Learn More

Now that it’s time to connect your store, below are links to step-by-step instructions for each store type. This guide will also help you in connecting each of your stores.

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