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How to Map Products or Inventory in Webgility Desktop
How to Map Products or Inventory in Webgility Desktop

Learn how to map your products or inventory in Webgility.

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When you need to link a product in your online store with an item in your accounting and the unique identifier (for example: “SKU” in the website to “Item Name/Number” in accounting) doesn't match 100%, you will need to map the products together in Webgility.

1. The product mapping wizard is accessed from the “Products Menu”. Select “Products > Missing in QuickBooks”. Once selected, you will get a screen displaying a list of all the products from this online channel (example: Shopify) that are not currently matching or mapped to anything in QuickBooks. To start mapping your products, select an item or items via the checkbox to the left of product name and select theMap Product button at the bottom of the screen.

2. After you click Map Product, a pop-up will appear that prompts you to select one-click mapping or auto-recommendation.

One-click mapping

3. For “One-click mapping” you will see the following options:

  • Manufacturer Part

  • Barcode

  • Sub-Item (use this if you have product categories in QuickBooks)

Select the option that makes the most sense for you. If you have used one of these items in your online store and quickbooks for matching select the appropriate one. If you were successful with mapping the product you can click “Yes, Continue” to map the rest or “Skip for Now” to choose a different option.

4. The Auto-Recommendation option searches SKU/Product Name under multiple fields in QuickBooks like Description/Barcode/Manufacturer. If a match is found on any of these fields in QuickBooks we recommend it for a selection. If no matches are found you can select the search dropdown to manually map the product.

5. Once you select the products for mapping or search and select the products for mapping you can save the mapping by selecting the Map Product” button.

6. You can see all the mapped products from “Products > All Products > Mapped” filter.

7. If you find you need to remove a mapping you can select the product checkbox on the left of the mapped product and at the bottom of the screen select Remove Mappings you will receive a pop-up window with “Yes” or “No” to verify your choice.

8. If you see mapped items in red, this means the mapping is invalid. First, un-map the product and try mapping it again. If you continue to have an issue, please reach out for Webgility support for additional help. Chat with us using the little blue circle in the bottom right of this page, or email

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