New orders can be downloaded from either Dashboard View or Order View. When in either of these views, a Get New Orders button will appear in the lower left corner.

  1. Click to retrieve any new orders that have been placed since the last time it was checked. While downloading the orders, a Processing... status bar will appear. Do not close this, as the software is actively receiving information from the online channel.


2. If there are no new orders, you will receive a pop-up letting you know. Click OK to dismiss it.

No orders returned

3. If there are new orders downloaded, they will populate into the New Orders view.

New Orders View

4. See below for entire process of downloading orders.

Downloading Orders

5. The drop-down on the Get New Orders button provide two options to filter your orders:

  • Orders by Range

  • Orders by ID

Orders by Range

When selected, Orders by Range generates a pop up that includes date range. The exact selection options will vary by the type of shopping cart or marketplace you have connected. Some carts will have a start and end date and others allow you to organize downloads to the very minute.

When you have selected your new date range, click Save & Close, then clicking Get New Orders. This will download orders from that specific date range.

Order by Range

Orders by ID

This option is for downloading specific orders from your shopping cart. When clicked, this option has a popup which requires you to enter the specific ID of the order or orders you want to download into Webgility.

Order by ID

After entering in an order number, click Add. Multiple order numbers can be entered but they have to be added individually. Once they are entered, click Get Orders to download the requested orders.

If you accidentally mistype or need to remove an order from the list you create, select the order, then click Remove.

Note: In some shopping carts, the Order ID is not the order number but a unique ID in the store database. For example, in the case of Shopify, the order ID can be viewed in the URL of the order when viewing it in the admin area of the Shopify store.

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