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Shopify with Webgility Online: FAQ
Shopify with Webgility Online: FAQ

Learn More About Shopify with Webgility Online

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Shopify with Webgility Online: FAQ

Q1: What are the key benefits of integrating Shopify and Webgility Online?

A. Webgility offers choices on how you would like to post orders, refunds, and fee data from your online store into your QuickBooks accounting. Webgility can post as Journal entries or post granular transactions, ensuring precision tax reporting.

Manually adding orders into QuickBooks is inefficient and time-consuming. Leverage Webgility's ability to post orders automatically and sync inventory levels, Selling Prices, and Cost Prices. Webgility will help reduce errors and increase efficiency.

Q2: Can Webgility Online create missing items in QuickBooks for my online store?

A: Yes, Webgility Online offers multiple ways to create missing items:

Webgility can create missing items while posting online orders to QuickBooks Online.

The Product Catalog feature allows bulk or individual item creation. [Create Products in QuickBooks Using Webgility Online]

Q3: How can I configure accounting posting settings using Webgility Online?

A: There are two configurations for accounting posting:

-Single Entry Posting (Journal Entry)

-Detailed Orders Posting (Invoice and Sale Receipt)

Refer to the following for a detailed understanding of transactional versus Journal entry accounting: Summary Posting vs Transactional Posting in Webgility Online

Q4: How often can Webgility Online sync Shopify orders with QuickBooks?

A: You can set the synchronization frequency as often as every 15 minutes or as infrequently as once per day. Learn more about Webgility automation with this link [Automation]

Q5: Does Webgility Online record coupons, gift cards, and discounts for Shopify?

A: Webgility Online records sub-total level information, such as coupons, discounts, and gift cards, as separate line items.

Q6: Does Webgility Online record payment processor fees for Shopify?

A: Yes, Webgility Online supports payment processors like PayPal Payments, Shopify Payments, Square Payments, and Stripe Payments to record payment processor fees on the transaction level. [Sync Payment and Shipping Fees in Webgility Online]

Q7: How does the Shipping feature work with Webgility Online?

A: Webgility Online integrates with Shipstation and Shipping Easy to record shipping costs as separate expenses on the transaction level. [How to record Shipping Fees]

Q8: Can cost prices be synced between Shopify and QuickBooks using Webgility Online?

A: Yes, with automation, cost prices, sales prices, and item quantities can be synced from QuickBooks to the online store and vice versa. [Inventory Sync] [Sync via Automation]

Q9: Can Webgility Online post orders separately based on different transaction types for Shopify?

A: Yes, you can configure detailed accounting settings to post orders based on different Payment methods, Order statuses, Payment Status, and Currency.

Q10: How is Sales Tax information of Shopify orders recorded in QuickBooks Online using Webgility Online?

A: Webgility Online records sales tax information based on the Tax Jurisdiction enabled inside the QuickBooks Online tax setup or as a separate line item.

Q11: Does the integration offer reporting or analytics features for my Shopify store?

A: Yes, certainly! Our integration provides comprehensive reporting and analytics features tailored for your Shopify store, including the advanced tool, Webgility Analytics, which empowers you with accurate forecasting and facilitates informed decision-making.

Q12: Can you disable QuickBooks Online from recording sales tax information while posting Shopify orders?

A: Yes, users can disable the recording of sales tax from the online store in QuickBooks through detailed accounting settings. Under Tax Settings, there is an option to disable tax posting.

Q13. How can I ensure my customer's data is secure when using the integration?

A. In adherence to industry-level best practices, Webgility values your business's privacy. Consequently, we provide options, such as the Personally Identifiable Information (PII) feature, allowing you to remove your customer's data from our database completely.[Manage PII in Webgility Online].

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