Previous Webgility Intelligence customers can now access the data from the new Analytics solution inside Webgility Online.

Access or activate Analytics to see sales, profitability, and payout reports for all your stores.

  • Sales: This report displays orders and sales by channel and product in addition to comparison and forecast reports across connected sales channels. Customers can filter specific date ranges or drill down on particular sales channels for deeper analysis.

  • Profitability: This report displays profitability for your entire operation by channel and product across connected sales channels. Webgility syncs revenue and fee data from each connected sales channel and COGs from a connected QuickBooks Online account.

  • Payouts: This report shows Amazon settlements for customers with Amazon stores. Webgility syncs historic settlements and provides a detailed breakdown of various fee types and net proceeds.

1. Go to and sign in to Webgility Online.

2. Navigate to the left-side menu and select the Analytics tab. Select Sales, Profitability, or Payouts to see each report.

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