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Create Products in QuickBooks Using Webgility Online.
Create Products in QuickBooks Using Webgility Online.

Once all of your products are created in your store, you can utilize Webgility to create them in QuickBooks.

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Create Products in QuickBooks Using Webgility Online

This article will show you how to create products in QuickBooks using Webgility Online.

Webgility Online offers a seamless solution to create products in QuickBooks that correspond to the items available in your online store.

By utilizing matching criteria set in Product Settings, Webgility Online can help you find the missing items that can be created in QuickBooks.

This article will guide you through the fundamental steps of item matching and demonstrate two methods for creating items in QuickBooks.

Item Matching Fundamentals:

When creating items in QuickBooks, Webgility relies on the matching criteria selected under Product Settings. You have the option to match items based on SKU/Product Name for online stores & QuickBooks online, or Item Name/Number in QuickBooks Desktop.

Once you are logged in to Webgility Online, Go to Sync Settings > Product

Navigate to the Products Tab to set up the product matching criteria.

Here, you need to scroll down configure the settings for creating new items in QuickBooks, and then click Save.

Within the "Create New Product" section, you'll encounter various settings to specify how you want to create your online product within QuickBooks.

For instance, you can:

  • Choose the type of items.

  • Associate the QuickBooks chart of accounts that you wish to link with the created item.

  • Set the start date of the product.

  • Determine the information you wish to include in the description field, and more.

Creating Items Manually:

If you prefer to create an item before an order is placed on your online store, follow these steps: Go to Product > Product Catalog

Here, you can select the products you want to transfer to QuickBooks and click on the Create tab.

Creating Items During Order Posting:

To enable automatic item creation during order posting, follow these steps:

  1. From the Products setting window, select Create New Products.

  2. Select the relevant options for item creation.

  3. Save the settings. These settings will apply to all the new items Webgility will create in QuickBooks.

With this setting enabled, Webgility will create items automatically in QuickBooks when an order is posted to QuickBooks, if the item does not meet the matching criteria selected. You can choose the type of items you wish to create in QuickBooks Online (Inventory or non-inventory) and select the appropriate accounts.

Verification in QuickBooks:

After creating the items in Webgility Online, log in to your QuickBooks account to confirm their presence. The items should now appear in your QuickBooks product list, ensuring accurate creation in your accounting software.


Webgility Online streamlines the process of creating products in QuickBooks by automating item matching and synchronization. By following the item creation methods explained in this guide, you can efficiently manage your product catalog and maintain consistency between your Online store and QuickBooks.

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