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How to Sync Inventory with Webgility Online using Automation
How to Sync Inventory with Webgility Online using Automation

Keep inventory and pricing updated across your sales channels and accounting solution to avoid overselling.

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  1. To begin, navigate to Settings.

2. In the Scheduler Rules tab, select Sync Products.

3. Select Yes.

4. Choose how you would like to keep your products in sync by making the selections shown in the following screen. Then click Save when you are done.

Some things to consider when making your selections:

  • If you have multiple sales channels and want separate settings for each sales channel, choose to not use the same settings for all channels. If you have only one channel and/or you want to use the same settings for all channels click Yes.

  • From here you can choose if you want to sync price only, quantity only, or price as well as quantity. Remember the sync will be from your accounting solution to the online store.

  • You can also choose to sync price and quantity as zero so that your online store can continue receiving orders for items that have zero price and quantity.

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