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Amazon with Webgility Online: FAQ
Amazon with Webgility Online: FAQ

FAQ for Amazon with Webgility Online

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Amazon with Webgility Online: FAQ

Q1: How does Webgility Online manage Amazon orders, refunds, and fee data in QuickBooks?

A: Webgility handles Amazon orders, refunds, and fee data by downloading and posting them separately. Orders are posted daily as invoice/sales receipts, refunds as credit memos/refund receipts, and fees are posted bi-weekly through the settlement report as an expense or bill entry in QuickBooks. [Learn More](#)

Q2: How does Webgility Online support multi-currency for Amazon sales channels?

A: Webgility Online allows configuring each sales channel differently for posting transactions under relevant currency accounts in QuickBooks. Ensure you have a multicurrency setup in the accounting. [How to set up Multicurrency in QuickBooks Online]

Q3: How can Webgility Online post transactions based on specific Amazon sales channels (e.g.,,

A: Webgility Online can be configured with different rules to post transactions based on channels. [Recommended Settings for Amazon Store with Webgility Online]

Q4: How does Webgility Online handle the management of refund orders?

A: Webgility Online has a dedicated section to manage refund orders, posting them as a Credit Memo or Refund receipt in QuickBooks Online. [How to Process Returns and Refunds with Webgility Online]

Q5: How can Webgility Online create items in QuickBooks if they are not present?

A: Webgility Online can create missing store products in QuickBooks Online. [Create Products in QuickBooks Using Webgility Online]

Q6: How does Webgility Online manage inventory syncing for Amazon, and what are the options available?

A: Inventory sync is possible only for merchant-fulfilled products (FBM), with manual or automated syncing options available for inventory sync between the store and QuickBooks. [Inventory Sync] [Sync via Automation]

Q7: How can I set up the automation frequency for Amazon in Webgility Online?

A: Automation can be configured to run every 15 minutes or nightly (once per day). [Set Up Automation for Transactional Accounting in Webgility Online]

Q8: How does Webgility Online facilitate posting different types of Amazon fees to respective expense accounts in QBO?

A: Webgility fee settings provide options for granular fee posting, allowing users to map fees to respective expense accounts. [Recommended Settings for Amazon Store with Webgility Online]

Q9: How can Amazon order, refund and fee data be posted in a journal and reconciled using Webgility Online?

A: Users can refer to the provided article "Amazon Reconciliation for Webgility Online" for guidance. [Amazon Reconciliation for Webgility Online]

Q10: How does Webgility Online create consolidated entries for Amazon orders and refunds in QuickBooks Online?

A: Through automation, Webgility Online can create daily group/consolidated entries. [Overview of Consolidated Sync in Webgility Online]

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