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How to Process Returns and Refunds with Webgility Online
How to Process Returns and Refunds with Webgility Online

How to Process Returns and Refunds with Webgility Online

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How to Process Refunds and Returns with Webgility Online

Learn how to post full and partial refunds in your accounting solution using Webgility Online.

This article describes how to record refunds in QuickBooks using Webgility Online. These are the refunds/returns against the orders whose sales channels/marketplaces are connected with Webgility Online.

Webgility Online can be used to record refund details from Shopping Carts or Marketplaces such as eBay, Shopify, Magento, Square, Walmart, and WooCommerce.

Begin the Refund Process

To refund your customer's money, partially or fully, you have to initially refund them in the shopping cart where your payment processor is directly connected. We will use Shopify as an example here in the screenshots.

Configure Refunds settings inside Webgility Online

If you want to post every order individually as a Sales Receipt or Invoice to QuickBooks and record the Refunds using Webgility Online for QBO, follow the steps below:

​1. Navigate to Sync Settings, then select Refunds to be redirected to the Refunds settings tab.

2. Refunds Settings allow you to specify how your refunded orders will manifest in QuickBooks. The recommended settings will create a Credit Memo or Refund Receipt and pay it out of the clearing account.

The other selections on this screen are optional and are not usually adjusted in most cases. Save the settings when you are done.

Note: This area will not appear if your shopping cart is not supported for refunds with Webgility Online.

Download and Post the Refund Orders in Webgility Online

1. Once you process the Refund in the shopping cart or marketplace, log in to Webgility Online and download the latest refunds from the online store.

Go to Orders > Refunds and select the Refresh option from the top right corner to download the latest orders from the online store.

2. Along with the latest order details, Webgility Online also downloads the refunds against the orders from the online store and lists them separately inside the New Refunds Tab under the Refunds section.

To post the refund order details inside QuickBooks as a Credit Memo or Refund Receipt, select the Refunded Order and click on the Post to QuickBooks option.

Note: Webgility Online posts refunds if your order has been posted to QuickBooks otherwise it will give you the error message.

3. Once the Refunded order is posted successfully, you’ll be notified and the refund order will move from the New Refunds tab to the Posted Tab.

4. Webgility Online will create a Credit Memo or Refund Receipt inside the QuickBooks.

Unpost Refund Order from QuickBooks

1. To unpost the refunded order detail from QuickBooks. Go to Orders > Refunds > Posted Tab.

2. Select the posted Refund Order and click on the Unpost option from the bottom.

3. You’ll get a confirmation pop-up message whether you want to delete/void the order from QuickBooks. Select the OK option if you want to continue and unpost the orders or the Cancel option to avoid the unposting process.

4. Once the order is successfully unposted you’ll get notified and the refunded order will be moved from the Posted Tab to the New Refunds Tab

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