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Overview of Consolidated Sync in Webgility Online
Overview of Consolidated Sync in Webgility Online

Understand what consolidated sync is in Webgility Online.

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Overview of Consolidated Sync in Webgility Online

Consolidated syncing is a process of posting multiple orders into your accounting solution as a single, consolidated transaction. This means that you can now group all of your orders for a single day into one transaction in your accounting solution as a single invoice, sales receipt, or credit memo.

Note- Consolidation operates solely through automation; manual selection and consolidation of orders into a single transaction is not supported.

It is important to consider the following to ensure consolidated sync is configured properly.

  • Ensure your sync settings are properly configured for consolidation to work effectively.

  • To ensure successful consolidation, ensure your Webgility account has the latest product lists from both your store(s) and accounting solution. If store products are absent in your accounting solution, create or map them before enabling consolidation settings in QuickBooks.

  • If you have configured syncing based on order status, payment method, or sales channel, consolidation will not work. You can only configure one, or the other.

  • Orders will be consolidated based on the order date in your store(s). For instance, if today's date is 07/23/2021, orders from yesterday (07/22/2021) will be posted today, and today's orders will be posted tomorrow on 07/24/2021.

  • If you are connected to your payment processor but have not configured the sync settings for fees, then the fees will not be synced on a consolidated basis.

Start consolidated Sync in Webgility Online

Go to the gear icon in the navigation bar on the lower left side of the screen and click Automation to get the options for consolidated sync.

  • Consolidate Transactions: Check this option to post one single transaction to your accounting solution.

  • Consolidate One Transaction for Orders of Every: This drop-down allows you to select the range for orders to be combined within a consolidated transaction. Please note that Webgility online syncs only daily consolidated transactions.

  • Consolidate Start Date: Select the date you wish to start the daily consolidation to begin from.

Note: When you save the automation settings for consolidating transactions, be aware that it automatically changes the customer settings in Webgility online to auto-create a standard customer for order posting.

Learn more about setting up automation in Webgility Online, here.

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