Orders with Errors not being posted

Orders with Errors not being posted - Webgility Online

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Orders with Errors not being posted - Webgility Online

This article is developed to cover the generic steps that can be followed if the orders are not posted to QuickBooks and are stuck in the Webgility ‘Errors’ tab.

Step 1: Check the Errors tab

1). To check the ‘Errors’ tab please navigate to Accounting> Orders and click on the ‘Errors’ tab.

2). Under the ‘Details’ column, hover over the red icon to check the error message

Step 2: Check QuickBooks Connection (If the error is related to QuickBooks connection)

To check the QuickBooks connection, follow the below steps:

A). Connection with QuickBooks Online

If we are connected with QuickBooks Online, the connection usually remains intact until and unless the QuickBooks credentials are changed or the company file name gets changed.

In both of the above scenarios, we can disconnect and reconnect (not recommended to be done frequently) QBO, but if the name of the company file changes then the configuration in Webgility will get reset upon reconnection.

B). Connection with QuickBooks Desktop

If we are connected with QuickBooks Desktop, The Webgility Extension should be up and running on the computer where ‘QuickBooks Desktop’ is installed and should be referencing the correct ‘QuickBooks Company File Location’

The icon can be found in the system tray at the bottom right-hand side of the Windows taskbar.

If the icon is not available, then need to launch Webgility and then right-click on the Webgility Extension icon and click on ‘manual sync now

Note: The Webgility Extension icon times out due to inactivity in a couple of hours. A ‘Manual Sync’ is needed to be done to reactivate the extension.

If you need to check the QuickBooks connection you can use the option ‘Reconnect to QuickBooks’ and tally the company file path/location to make sure QuickBooks is open from the same path/location that is entered in Webgility.

To check from which path the QuickBooks file is currently open, please open QuickBooks and press the ‘F2’ button (in case of a laptop, try fn+F2) and tally the path.

Step 3: Download Data from Scratch from QuickBooks Online

For QuickBooks Online, please access Settings> Accounting (bottom left of screen).

1). Under Transactions please click on the ‘Refresh Settings’ icon and click on the Save button.

Make sure to check the ‘Additional Settings’ as well before clicking the Save button in case the error message is related to recording the Shipping Charges, Coupon Code, Gift Card charges.

2). Click on the ‘Products’ tab and from the drop-down for ‘Refresh Settings’ select ‘Download from Scratch’ and click on the ‘Refresh’ button. Once done please click ‘Save

Make sure to check the ‘Create Product’ settings as well in case the error message is related to creating the new items and make sure the correct accounts are selected.

3). Click on the ‘Customers’ tab and from the drop-down for ‘Refresh Settings’ select ‘Download from Scratch’ and click on the ‘Refresh’ button. Once done please click ‘Save

4). Next, you will need to access the ‘Discounts’ tab and make sure an item is selected if we want to record the discounts in QuickBooks. If the item does not appear, please click on the refresh button and then select the item and save the settings.

5). Sales Tax needs to be configured accordingly. If ‘Default Online Tax’ is chosen, then the tax amount received on an order from the online store will be passed into QBO.

QBO will further assess the tax amount based on the agencies, and counties setup and apply the tax accordingly.

6). Similarly, please check for ‘Refunds’ as well

Step 3: Download Data from Scratch from QuickBooks Desktop

If you have QuickBooks Desktop connected with Webgility Online, then an additional step of performing a manual sync needs to be done after all the above steps have been performed.

In a few minutes, the data will refresh in the Webgility application.

Below are the steps to launch the Webgility Extension and perform a Manual Sync.

Step 4. Check the Product Matching and Mappings

If the orders fail to post due to products not matching, they need to be mapped. You can follow the below help article to map the products:

Step 5. Reset Sync Error Count

In the case of "Webgility Online", we have provided functionality to reset the sync error count from the User Interface.

If any orders lie under the "New Orders" tab or "Error" tab, and have a sync error count of 4, the UI will show a red warning sign, by clicking the "Click Here" button you can reset it to 0.

This needs to be done if the orders have been attempted to be posted at least 4 times by the Webgility automation. Once the sync count is reset, and if the automation is enabled, the orders will be attempted to post to QuickBooks once again.

Another common error message is ‘Please select a transaction date that comes after the date you started tracking the quantity on hand of these inventory items’ you will need to adjust the ‘inventory start date’ in QBO using the below article:

For any further questions, please contact support@webgility.com. You can also go to webgility.com to chat with our support team.

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