When you need to link an online store product to an item in your accounting system and the product matching identifiers do not match 100%, you will need to map the products in Webgility Online.

1. Navigate to Products > Product Catalog.

2. In Product Catalog, select the Not in QuickBooks tab. This contains the list of all the online store products that are not currently matching with any product in your accounting system.

3. To begin mapping your products, select an item from the list and click Map.

4. In the pop-up window that appears, select the appropriate product from the drop-down. This will show you all your products from your accounting system. You can begin typing the item name and it should appear in the drop-down to be selected.

Once you have selected the mappings, click Map Product to save the mappings.

How to View your Existing Mappings and Re-map Products

1. Go to Products > Product Catalog > Mappings, to review your current mappings and even unmap them.

2. If you want to unmap any products, select the item and click UNMAP.

3. The unmapped product will move to the Not in QuickBooks tab. From here you can re-map it.

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