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Take a Tour of Webgility Desktop

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Want to understand where the key features in Webgility live? You've come to the right place. This will guide you through the application.

At the top of your screen in Webgility, you will see the main navigation with tabs for Home, Orders, Products, Shipping, Customers, Integrations, System, and Help views. You will also notice a sub-navigation that includes subtabs for Dashboard, New Orders, Posted Orders, Errors, Archived, Scheduled, Cancelled, and Ignored views.

Additionally, you will want to log in to the Webgility Intelligence app. This tool will provide a visual breakdown of where your profits lie grouped by product, channel, and order.

New Orders View

The New Orders view is where new orders are placed when they are downloaded from your sales channels or stores into Webgility. This view is an essential part of Webgility and will be the primary working area for order processing workflows.

Dashboard View

The Dashboard view is the first screen you will see after logging into Webgility. This view gives you a high-level analytical view of how a specific store is performing. Take the tour here.

Webgility Intelligence

Dig deeper into performance with the Webgility Intelligence app. Here you will see a holistic view of business profitability and a breakdown of where your profits lie by product, channel, and order.

You can access Webgility Intelligence here. Just utilize your existing login for Webgility. Take the tour here.

If you do not have access to the profitability dashboard and want to add it, connect with us right here via the chatbot.

Scheduled View

The Scheduled view is a temporary holding area for orders that are awaiting a cycle with the Webgility Scheduler. There are two main reasons an order will appear in the Scheduled view, including:

  • An order is waiting on a post to your accounting solution.

  • An order has been shipped and is pending posting the tracking details and shipping method back to the sales channel.

Products Module View

The Products Module view is the center of control for your inventory. It is accessed via Products in the main navigation. Take the tour here.

Errors View

The Errors view is where orders with an issue are placed until the issue is resolved. There are several reasons that the order ends up in the Error view, including:

  • The order cannot post to your accounting solution.

  • The shipment cannot be processed.

  • The sales channel access information has changed and the tracking information cannot be updated.

Order Detail Views

If you double-click on an order in the Order, Errors, or Archived views, you will be shown the main Order Detail view. There is a lot of information included in this view as it includes multiple tools and views.

Updates View

The Updates view contains a list of the orders that include updates based on your configurations. Downloading order updates is not a common practice and requires special use cases. Take the tour here.

Ignored View

The Ignored view is used when Webgility detects that an order is placed in a status that is not normally downloaded. Take the tour here.

Trash View

The Trash view is storage for orders that are pending full deletion from Webgility. It functions similarly to the recycle bin on a Windows computer. Take the tour here.

Archive View

The Archive view in Webgility is where orders that you have addressed are placed. It is highly recommended to archive orders you have dealt with to optimize performance and eliminate the chance of order duplication. Take the tour here.

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