Errors View in Webgility Desktop

Learn more about how to use the errors view in Webgility.

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Errors View in Webgility Desktop


The Errors view is where problematic orders are stored until their issues are fixed.



There are several reasons an order would end up in the Errors view. Here are some examples:

  • The order got an error while posting to QuickBooks

  • The shipment processing encountered an error

  • Error while posting the Shipment details back to the store.

How to identify what the error is:

  1. Double-click on the order to view the order details.

  2. Go to the History tab.

In the history section, you will find order logs showing information from when the order was imported into Webgility.

The error will be time-stamped with the error message in detail. By reviewing the error you should be able to understand and resolve the error.

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