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Orders With Errors Not Being Posted From Webgility Desktop
Orders With Errors Not Being Posted From Webgility Desktop

Orders With Errors Not Being Posted From Webgility Desktop

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Orders With Errors Not Being Posted From Webgility Desktop

This article covers all the generic steps that can be followed if the orders are not posted to QuickBooks from the Webgility application and are stuck in the ‘Errors’ tab.

Step 1: Check the Errors tab

Please follow the article below to check the ‘Errors’ tab.

Step 2: Check QuickBooks Connection (If the error is related to QuickBooks connection)

To check the QuickBooks Connection, please follow the below help article:

To check the company file path, you can follow the below steps:

In QuickBooks with the company file open, please press the ‘F2’ button (in case of a laptop, try fn+F2) and copy the path to enter it into the Webgility accounting connection.

Step 3: Download Data from Scratch from QuickBooks

Please follow the below help article to learn how to download the accounting data from scratch:

Step 4. Check the Product Matching and Mappings (If an error is related to items not found)

The below help article helps you check the Products Module for the items that could be causing a problem while posting the orders.

To map any items while posting the orders, please follow the below help article:

To map any items before posting the orders, please follow the below help article:

Step 5. Check the Configurations (In case the error relates to Shipping Charges, discounts, taxes, etc.)

To access the configurations, please click on Integrations> Accounting/POS/ERP> Posting Settings

then check and save the settings that could be causing the issue.

Step 6. Check the Store Settings in Webgility (If the error states ‘Payment is Pending’)

If we get an error message that says the ‘Order Cannot be posted, Payment is still Pending’ then it means that the store setup in Webgility is not set properly and corresponds to the order status of the order not posting to QuickBooks.

To check the same, please access Integrations> Stores> Settings

You would see all the order statuses selected and whether Webgility is referencing the order as ‘Paid’ or not in the order status columns

Yes’ denotes the payment is pending

No, Mark as Paid’ denotes that the order would be treated as a Paid Order in Webgility.

If an order is not posting due to the above-mentioned error message, then please update the setting under the ‘Paid’ column save the setting, and redownload the order.

Step 7. Check the Payment Method mapping in Webgility (If the order gets created but the payment creation fails)

If the order gets created in Webgility but the payment creation fails (check the error message in the order details under the ‘History’ tab as mentioned above in the help article) then follow the below steps:

  1. Open the order and copy the incoming payment method

  2. Map the copied payment method with the correct QuickBooks Payment method

To do the mapping of the payment method, please follow the below help article:

Step 8. Check the Payment setup in Webgility (If we are creating ‘Invoices’ and the order gets posted but the payment creation fails)

To remedy the above issue enable two additional options stated below:

1). Set up Create Payment of Transaction Total in QuickBooks, which would be found under Integrations> Accounting/POS/ERP> Posting Settings> Click ‘Setup’

Enable the below option.

Then Save & Close the setting.

2). Access Integrations> Stores> Advanced Settings

Then navigate to ‘Additional Settings’, enable the option ‘Do not auto apply payment for invoice’, and save and close the setting.

Once the corrections are done, and if the orders post using automation (Webgility Scheduler) please stop and restart the scheduler.

Also, in the scheduler, there is the option ‘Retrieve Error Orders’ If you select this upon restarting the scheduler, the Error orders will be retrieved and posted to QuickBooks.

For any further queries, please send an email to You can also go to to chat with our support team.

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