How to Map Products While Posting Orders

Learn how to map products while posting orders from Webgility Desktop

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How to Map Products While Posting Orders


While posting an order into QuickBooks via Webgility, it is important to know that if an item in the order is not found to match any item in QuickBooks, then you can choose to either create or map that item. You can then post the order.


1. To enable this option in Webgility Desktop, navigate to Integrations> Accounting POS/ERP> Posting Settings.

2. Click Product and select the option Prompt to create or map the product at the time of posting (recommended). Then click Save & Continue.

3. While posting orders from Webgility to QuickBooks, if items in the order are not found in QuickBooks, then the order posting process will show a dialogue box with the following message: Some order(s) have an item mismatch. Click OK to create or replace the mismatched items. Click OK.

4. This will open another window, with options to either create this item in QuickBooks or map it to an existing one.

5. To use the Create new item option, items in the order must not exist in QuickBooks. You will need to create them in QuickBooks.

6. To use the Map with existing item option, you must map the order item/s to an existing item in QuickBooks, then select the item option to map.

Under Map with this item, select the QuickBooks item name of the product you want to map the item to. Then click Map Item.

7. Another small pop-up window will open, click OK.

8. Once all of the unmatched items from your orders are mapped, click Close.

9. Once all the mappings are complete, select the order again and click Post to QuickBooks.


If you want to see all mapped items in Webgility, navigate to Product> Product Catalog> Next to View> Select> Mapped items.

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