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This article covers the generic steps that can be followed if the orders in Webgility Desktop are not syncing to QuickBooks.

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Step 1: Check if the orders show up in the Webgility Application

The very first step is to check if the orders are downloaded from the online store into the Webgility Application.

To check this we need to launch the Webgility application and check the New Orders tab.

NOTE: If the scheduler is running and configured to download and post the orders in QuickBooks automatically, then the orders will show up in the Scheduled tab temporarily, and after posting to QuickBooks should then show in the Posted Orders tab.

To check the scheduler configurations, we can follow the below help article:

It might be possible that the orders went into the Errors tab due to an error and were unable to be posted to QuickBooks.

In that case, open the order from the Errors tab and check the History tab in the order details for the error information. Below is the reference article for the same:

Step 2: Is my online store connected?

To check the Store Connection, please follow the below help article:

Disclaimer: In any given scenario, please do not disconnect the online store and reconnect in Webgility as that will clear all the previous data and settings.

Step 3: The store is connected but orders don’t show in the Webgility application.

  • If the orders are not found in the Webgility application, please check the scheduler logs if you are using the scheduler to download the orders.

To check the scheduler logs, please access the file path C:\Webgility\UnifyEnterprise\SchedulerLog and open the latest Processing Logs

Note: The scheduler logs need to be checked on the computer where the scheduler is running.

  • If you are not using the scheduler and are manually downloading the orders, please click on the Get New Orders button as shown below

If we need to set a "back-date" manually, we can do that as well as shown in the screenshots below, then click on Get New Orders:

To make sure the orders are not already downloaded (in the case it is an older order) we recommend checking the archive/repository or the posted tab.

Step 4: Check the QuickBooks Connection

To check the connection with QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Online, please reference the below help article:

To check the connection with QuickBooks POS, please reference the below help article:

Step 5: Download/Refresh Data (Items, Customers, and Other Data)

The next step after checking the QuickBooks connection is to download/refresh the data from scratch from QuickBooks into the Webgility application.

To download and refresh the data follow the article link below.

Note: The scheduler should be turned OFF while downloading the data in Webgility. Also, it is recommended to log in to QuickBooks as an administrator to do this process.

Step 6: Check and save all the posting configurations

To check the posting settings, please access Integrations> Accounting/POS/ERP> Posting Settings and check and save all the configurations.

Note: The scheduler should be turned OFF while checking and saving the configurations in Webgility

Step 7: Item Matching / Mapping

If the items match according to the "matching criteria" setup in Webgility, and the orders are stuck in the Errors tab due to the item not being found or the customer not being found, the above step will fix the problem.

If the items need to be mapped, we can either do the mapping while posting the order for which the below help article is available for reference:

If the items need to be mapped before posting the orders (which is the recommended practice) the below help article is available for reference:

For any further queries, please send an email to support@webgility.com You can also navigate to webgility.com to chat with our support team or call us back directly on 877 753 5373 ext 3.

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