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Troubleshoot Product Settings Being Reverted to Prior Values
Troubleshoot Product Settings Being Reverted to Prior Values

Learn how to address product settings not being retained for more than a few minutes.

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Troubleshoot Product Settings Being Reverted to Prior Values


Sometimes, the settings you saved might not get into effect. When you go back and check your settings, you find settings reverted back to prior values.


This might be due to the scheduler running in the background when you are trying to make changes in the settings or any other technical issue.

It might also be possible that the same set of primary credentials of Webgility are used to log in to an add-on computer where the scheduler might be running.


Follow the steps below to make changes in the settings:

1). Turn off the Scheduler: Access the scheduler from the Windows System Tray, right-click the Scheduler icon, stop if it is running, and then click Exit to turn it off.

Follow the help doc below to know more about scheduler: Overview of the Scheduler in Webgility Desktop

2). Take a backup of Webgility Desktop: Launch and log into Webgility, and go to the Dashboard of any of your sales channels. Then, from the top menu bar go to System> Database> Backup.

3). Choose a location to save the backup. Then click OK.

Note: Due to local security on the workstation, we advise using the default selected location.

3). Depending on the size of the database, the backup process can take a few minutes. Once it is completed you will see a success message.

Successful Webgility Database Backup

For backup, you can also refer to this help article How to Create a Database Backup and Restore It

4). Make changes: Access settings, make changes you require, and save them.

5). Turn on the Scheduler

Additional steps:

The above-mentioned troubleshooting should resolve the issue and help you save the changes you are making. If you still face the issue, then you can follow the additional steps mentioned below.

1). DB Upgrade and Utility:

Run DB Upgrade following the help article mentioned below

2). Update Webgility Desktop App:

If Webgility Desktop App is on the older version, update if following the steps mentioned in below help article

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