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How to Create a Database Backup and Restore It
How to Create a Database Backup and Restore It

Follow these steps to backup and restore your Webgility database.

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How to Create a Database Backup and Restore It

Create a Database Backup

1. Launch and log into Webgility. From the top menu bar, go to System> Database> Backup.

2. Choose a location to save the backup. Then click OK.
โ€‹Note: Because of local security on the workstation, we recommended using the default selected location.

3. Depending on the volume of data included in the backup, the process may take a few seconds. Upon completion, a success message will be displayed.

4. The default location for the database backup will be C:\Webgility\UnifyEnterprise, and the file type is .bak. Transferring a copy of your backup to a different machine or backup directory for safekeeping is advisable.

5. These are the steps for creating a Webgility database backup.

Webgility can automatically create a backup once the Automation is turned on and the machine is running.

You can purchase the Webgility Desktop Premium plan and get remote desktop backup (Cloud backup).

Restore a Backup

If you are moving a database to a different machine or recovering from a system failure you may need to restore your database from a backup so you do not lose any work or settings. Follow these steps to restore your database.


In case of a system failure, restoring the database needs to be done after installing the Webgility application and SQL.

1). From the header bar in Webgility go to System> Database> Restore.

2. A popup will appear, cautioning you about overwriting existing data. Click "Yes" to proceed.

3. Browse for your most recent UnifyDB.bak file and click "Open."

4. After a brief moment, you will receive a success message. Closing this message will exit the software. Upon relaunch, you will observe that your data has been successfully restored.

Identify The Workstation

To generate a database backup in Webgility, you can initiate the process from any workstation. However, it's essential to identify the location of the SQL installation, as the .bak file will be created in that directory. To determine the correct workstation name, follow these steps:

1. Navigate to C:\Webgility\UnifyEnterprise\XML.

2. Open the "apiconfig" file using Notepad.

If you have Right Networks (RightWorks)

You will need to contact them for a Webgility Backup Request

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