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How to Troubleshoot Issues with your WooCommerce Store Connection
How to Troubleshoot Issues with your WooCommerce Store Connection

Learn how you can solve connection issues between WooCommerce and the Webgility Desktop application.

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Blocked Store Module

WooCommerce is an open source ecommerce software, therefore because of the integrated security settings sometimes access to the Webgility WooCommerce store module is blocked which results in a connectivity failure. But there are a few updates you can make to avoid this continuing to interrupt your connection.

To rectify this, whitelist our Nat Gateway IP so that our module can be accessible. The following are the IP addresses to be whitelisted:




Other challenges

1. Using the incorrect store module URL during the connection process

2. Using the incorrect username and password during connection process

  • Update the correct store credentials. These are the administrative username and password for your WooCommerce account.

3. Upgrading the WooCommerce store installation but the Webgility store module is not compatible with their installation. When this happens the following errors occur: Remote server 403 and 500 Internal server.

Troubleshooting Error Messages

  1. Go to Integration > Store > Manage Store > Edit Connection

  2. Add the required details. This includes store module URL, username and password

  3. Click Test store connection. You may see one of the following error messages:

    • We are Facing an issue while processing your request, please try again later.

    • The remote server returned an error. (501) Service Temporarily Unavailable.

    • Not able to connect to WooCommerce

4. To address these errors, copy and paste the store module URL in the browser. If you do not have permission, one of the following errors will be shown:

  • 403 Forbidden

  • Page Not Found

  • Access Denied

5. Take the following steps to solve these errors.

  • Check the IPs to see if they are whitelisted:,,

  • Check to make sure that the Webgility files on your Web Hosting store server have Read/Write/Modify permissions.

  • Check your version of Webgility and make sure that you have the most recent version. If you do not, updated it.
    Check the connection guide here and if necessary, upgrade the Webgility store module in your WooCommerce store.

Troubleshooting the Store module version

  1. When you paste the store module URL in your browser, it will show the store module version at top of the page. It should be the latest version. If it is not, be sure to update it.

2. Then check the connection by adding or removing the www or changing http to https in the connection URL

3. Check to see if you are using a cache plugin that is installed in the store. Example include: W3 Total Cache and WP Super Cache.

4. If you do have a plugin installed, be sure to clean/purge the cache.

5. Check to see if you are using a security plugin that is installed in the store. Examples include ithemes security, Sucuri Security, and Wordfence Security.

6. If you are still experiencing errors after troubleshooting through these modules, please provide proper permissions for us to access your store module so that we can work to address the issues you are experiencing.

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