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Troubleshoot Available Store Quantity Does Not Match QuickBooks
Troubleshoot Available Store Quantity Does Not Match QuickBooks

Troubleshoot Available Store Quantity Does Not Match QuickBooks

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Troubleshoot Available Store Quantity

Does Not Match QuickBooks

This article helps with the steps to fix an issue when the store quantity does not match the available quantity for QuickBooks items.

If the quantity of the items on both platforms (Store and Accounting) does not match, we need to troubleshoot the scenario as per this article.

Please note that the scheduler should be turned OFF while performing the below steps.


1). Check Product Download Setting

Access the Product Catalog and under Settings> Sync Settings check and make sure that you are downloading the Available or the On-Hand Quantity from QuickBooks as per your requirement.

2). Re-Download All Items from the Accounting Software and the Online Store

Next, select the Download Products from Scratch icon located in the top right corner of the QuickBooks All Products menu.

You can also download the Store items from scratch from the Products module itself by accessing the All Products tab for the online store as shown in the screenshot below:

Pro Tip: Log in to QuickBooks with the admin credentials so that Webgility does not face any permission issues while downloading the latest item list and data associated with the items.

3). Re-Download All Items only from the Accounting Software

If there is a need to download items only from the accounting software, you can also follow the below steps:

Clear Last Download Date for Store and QuickBooks Items (Optional)

If the above methodology does not work and you still are unable to see the quantities or prices of the latest items, try to clear the Last Download Date from Advanced Settings as shown below:

Next, download the latest items list from the online store or QuickBooks or both following Step 2 or Step 3 as mentioned above.

Check Out of Sync Items:

Now click on Quantity out of sync in the product module and you will be able to see the updated quantities of the items in the column.

Go to Quantity out of sync under QuickBooks on the left panel check the box in front of a product from the list and select the Sync option.

Please note that QB is chosen as the master data.

Next, either sync the items manually or enable the scheduler as per your setup to initiate the synchronization of the correct item quantities, prices, etc.

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