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How to Upload Webgility Store Module Using FTP
How to Upload Webgility Store Module Using FTP

Upload Webgility Desktop Store Module for PHP Carts

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How to Upload Webgility Store Module Using FTP

If you have a PHP-based shopping cart, you will need to install the Webgility plugin on your online store server to connect your store with Webgility.

Steps to Install the Webgility Store Module:

1. To upload a store module using FTP, you will need access to an FTP client like FileZilla and the login credentials for your website's FTP server.

2. Download the Webgility Store module from your Webgility account portal, log in to go to Home> View all downloads

3. Select the Store Type and download the Store Module.

4. Open the FTP client for example, Filezilla, and enter the Hostname, Username, Password, and Port number.

5. Go to your downloads folder or the location where you downloaded the Webgility Store Module files.

6. Go to your root or pub folder on the webstore server. Select the pub folder.

7. Now right-click on the Store Module files you downloaded from Webgility and select the upload option.

8. Here, all the files will be available under the Webgility folder. Using a Magento online store as an example: The path would be /magento245/pub/Magento/webgility

9. Now we need to copy the path and paste it under the Webgility store module address while connecting it to Webgility Online.

Once the transfer is complete, you should be good to connect Webgility with your online store using the above link.

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