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How to Install or Update the Webgility Store Module (Generic method for any supported store)
How to Install or Update the Webgility Store Module (Generic method for any supported store)

The Webgility Desktop store module is used on PHP carts

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Webgility Desktop uses store modules commonly known as plugins to connect to PHP carts. For efficient flow and seamless functionality, it is crucial to ensure that the latest version of the Webgility store module is installed.

In this article, we will see how to check the version of the store module, and how to find the latest version and upload it to your store.

Check the latest version of your store module:

1). Login to Webgility Desktop

2). Go to Integrations> Stores> Manage Stores

3). In the Manage Stores list, select the button for the store in the action column.

4). Open the Store Module link in your browser window. At the top, it shows the current version of the store module installed.

Upload the latest version of the store module:

1). Login to your, under the Downloads section, select Modules

2). On the next page, under Download Webgility Store Module, select the store for which you wish to download the store module from the dropdown, and click the blue button next to it. (Note: if there is no store module for your store type, you will see the message No store module required for your store)

3). Once you download the file, log in to your WordPress site, for example, using your store admin credentials.

4). In the left navigation bar, go to Plugins> Installed Plugins> Webgility> Delete

5). Then, go to Plugins> Add New.

6). Click Upload Plugin, then in the pop-up navigate to the Webgility Store module zip file that you downloaded in the previous steps.

7). Click Install Now.

8). Navigate to your installed plugins and find the Webgility plugin. Click Activate.

9). Once activated, select Settings below Webgility then select Copy URL

10). Once you have copied the URL of the Webgility Store Module, proceed to the next steps.

11). From the Webgility dashboard, navigate to Integrations> Stores> Manage Stores> Edit Connection

12). Paste the copied store URL and click on Test Store Connection and wait until you see the message Successfully Connected to your Online Store

13). Click Next> Save Store

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