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How to Connect Webgility Online with Payment Processors
How to Connect Webgility Online with Payment Processors

Follow these steps to get Webgility connected with your payment processor.

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Connect Webgility with payment processors to capture any fees the payment processor takes from the gross amount of the order after purchase.


1. To connect PayPal, Stripe, Square, or other payment processors, go to Settings > Connections and click the orange plus sign next to Payment.

2. Choose your payment processor. If you’re adding Shopify Payments, you must ensure you have added your Shopify store. See how here.

3. Once selected, a new window will pop up asking you to log in to your payment processor account. Once this is done, your payment processor will be added to Webgility Online.

Note: Each payment processor has different fees and rates that can be synced to your accounting solution.

4. Once enabled, the orders will display both the gross and net amount after the fee is taken out.

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