How to Connect Webgility Online with Shopify

Follow these steps to connect Webgility Online with Shopify.

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How to Connect Webgility Online with Shopify

This article outlines the steps for connecting Webgility Online with your Shopify store.


  1. Navigate to Connections and click the blue plus sign next to Sales Channel.

    ​ Note: if this is the first sales channel that you are connecting, read the getting started process, here.

2. Select Shopify, then click Continue.

3. Enter the prefix of your subdomain.

For example, if your admin URL is you will need to enter MyStore Once you’ve entered this information, click Continue.

4. A new window from Shopify will open asking to approve and install Webgility. Click the Install app/Update app to continue.

5. Webgility Online will begin to download information about the store. This can take a minute or two to complete. Once complete, you will see a successfully connected message.

6. On the next screen, it will ask whether you want to copy the sync settings of the existing store or configure the new settings. Select the correct option as per your choice. Click Let’s Go

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