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Error Code: 1 - Product is Missing, No Mapping Found
Error Code: 1 - Product is Missing, No Mapping Found
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This error occurs when posting orders from Webgility Online into QuickBooks Online, specifically when there's a lack of mapping for the product, resulting in a missing item.


The error typically arises when Webgility Online is set up to post orders in a consolidated format, and the items within batch-posted orders are absent in QuickBooks. This discrepancy is intensified when mapping settings are configured to map missing items during order posting, as consolidation is an automated process, and mapping missing items is a real-time operation.


If you've chosen Webgility Online to post orders in a consolidated format, consider the following conditions:

  • Instead of using the "map items" condition under product configuration when an item is not found during order posting, configure it to "Use Standard" or "Create New." This adjustment won't disrupt the order posting operation.

  • If the items are available in QuickBooks but don't match, download all items from both the online store and QuickBooks. Then, map all missing items in Webgility Online. Refer to the following two help articles for downloading items and mapping items :

If the problem persists, please initiate a support chat.

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