PHP Mcrypt Issue - Webgility Desktop

PHP Mcrypt Issue - Webgility Desktop

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PHP Mcrypt Issue - Webgility Desktop

The "PHP Mcrypt issue" typically refers to problems or challenges associated with the use of the Mcrypt extension in PHP. Mcrypt is a library in PHP that provides various encryption and decryption functions for handling data securely. However, as of PHP 7.1, Mcrypt has been deprecated and removed from the PHP core, which can lead to issues when using older PHP code or applications that rely on Mcrypt.

Common issues related to PHP Mcrypt include:

  • Deprecated functionality

  • Security concerns

  • Compatibility problems

Follow the steps below to fix the PHP Mcrypt error:

1). Check for the Latest Store Module Versions:

  • Go to "Integrations> Stores> Manage Stores" within Webgility.

  • Then click on the Action button for the required store that is facing the issue and you will be able to access the Webgility Store Module URL.

  • When you paste the store module URL into your browser, it will show you the version of the store module you are currently using. This will also show all the other details like various PHP statuses, store compatibility, memory limit, etc. The version of the store module should be the latest version available. If it is not, be sure to update it.

  • For updating the store module go to the Webgility Portal and log in with your credentials. Once logged in, under the "Downloads" section click on the Module symbol. Once done then look for the latest version of the Store Module for your store and compare it with the version you are using for your store. If an update is available, download and install it to ensure your module is current and issue free.

  • For updating the store module you can ask your Web Developer to do what's needed, or ask Webgility to perform the update for you. If you wish to have Webgility do the update, we will need your Store FTP and Store Admin login credentials.

  • You may be currently running a customized version of the Webgility Store Module. This can be recognized by the letter β€œC” in the version numbering. When viewing the store module URL on any web browser you will see the version information. If there is a customization it is recommended that you provide us your online store FTP and Store Admin login credentials so we can update your Webgility store module for you and retain your customization.

2). Check for the latest Webgility Desktop version:

You can verify the version of Webgility Desktop Software that you are currently running by navigating to Help> Terms and Privacy. If required then update it to the latest version.

  • For the Webgility Desktop running versions older than v9.6.3 you will need to follow the steps mentioned in the help article here to update Webgility.

  • For the Webgility Desktop Software running versions v9.6.3 or later you will need to follow the steps mentioned in the help article here

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