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Why is the Scheduler Not Working When the Icon is Green?
Why is the Scheduler Not Working When the Icon is Green?

Why is Scheduler Not Working When the Icon is Green?

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Why is the Scheduler Not Working When the Icon is Green?

This article describes the steps that you can follow to check why the scheduler is not working.

What does it signify if the scheduler is not functioning correctly?

The Scheduler in Webgility serves as an automation tool, handling tasks like order downloads, order posting in QuickBooks based on setup, and inventory sync.

If any selected functionalities in the Scheduler settings are not functioning, it indicates a problem with the Scheduler itself.

As we see, the green icon indicates that the scheduler is running.

Reasons the scheduler is not performing the intended tasks even when the icon is green:

1. Relevant Settings Not Enabled

If you are looking to download orders, post orders, sync inventory, retrieve tracking ID etc, then please make sure the relevant options are enabled in the scheduler settings.

Below is a GIF and a couple of screenshots to highlight how to check the scheduler settings.

On the left-hand side, you will see the store profiles which are connected to the Webgility Desktop application. Against each store profile, you can see the enabled/disabled settings.


A. When utilizing a consolidated posting setup for order processing, orders will consistently be visible in the New Orders tab rather than the scheduled tab. There's no need to manually move them to the scheduled tab in Webgility, as they will be automatically picked from the New Orders tab and posted.

B. If orders are manually downloaded before activating the scheduler for order posting, it's necessary to move the orders to the scheduled tab as shown in the screenshot below:

Reference Article for the same - How to Move Orders to Scheduled from New Orders

2. Check if there are duplicate instances of the scheduler running in the background:

A. Start the task manager by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Esc key on your keyboard or right-click on the bottom windows bar/taskbar.

B. In the task manager, click on the Details tab

If you find two processes named UnifyScheduler.exe in the task manager window, please right-click on them and end tasks one by one.

Restart automation and you will be able to save the settings now. Check this article for an overview: Overview of the Scheduler in Webgility Desktop

3. Troubleshooting in case of hosted environment:

Refer to the following help article for troubleshooting syncing problems within a hosted environment link below:

4. Resolving Automation Blockage by Antivirus:

We can explore potential interference from installed antivirus affecting the application's functionality.

To resolve this, ensure that the Webgility folder is added to the antivirus exclusions list.

Afterward, restart the scheduler.

Additional steps:

The above-mentioned troubleshooting should resolve the issue and help you save the changes you are making. If you still face the issue, then you can follow the additional steps mentioned below:

1). Update Webgility Desktop App:

Update Webgility Desktop App Using Steps in the Help Article Link Below:

2). Check Error Logs:

Right-click on the scheduler icon in the system tray, and click on the option Scheduler Logs to view any error messages that you might see.

Please if you need assistance reach out to support for Log Review and Investigation if needed: Use the In-App Help/Chat Icon.

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