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Error Creating Credit Memo

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Error while creating credit memo, the query request has not been fully completed there was a required element that could not be found in QuickBooks.

Possible Reason

This error generally occurs if the item in the credit memo is not downloading into the Webgility database, the item is inactive in QBs, or the item is not mapped to the correct item.

Troubleshooting errors while creating credit memo

  • Enable the logger, go to the location C:\Webgility\UnifyEnterprise\XML and open API Config in a notepad, check for the node <Logger>False</Logger> set it to True. Save the API Config file.

  • Restart Webgility.

  • Go to the ErrorLog folder C:\Webgility\UnifyEnterprise\ErrorLog and delete old logs.

  • Post the settlement to regenerate the error.

  • Go to the ErrorLog folder C:\Webgility\UnifyEnterprise\ErrorLog and check the Debug logs.

  • Check the Debug log to find the item and fix the mapping.

  • Once the above steps are done, post the settlement report.

If the issue persists, please feel free to contact Webgility Support

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