Product Syncing Issues with Webgility Online

Steps to follow if products are not syncing

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Product Syncing Issues with Webgility Online

This article is developed in an attempt to cover all the generic steps that can be followed if the products are not syncing.

Step 1

Check if the Products show up in the Webgility Application

The very first step is to check if the products are downloaded in the Webgility Application from the Online store and QuickBooks.

To check, please access Products> Products Catalog.

If the items are missing in Webgility from QuickBooks, then you need to refresh the items list from scratch. To do the same, please access Sync settings> Products> Download from Scratch and click on the ‘Refresh’ button.

If the items are missing from the online store, we need to access Products> Products Catalog and then Click on the ‘Refresh Data’ button.

If you have a Shopify store connected, then you can perform the below step to download items from ‘scratch’ by accessing Connection> Preferences

and choose option ‘Scratch’ under ‘Download Products Starting From’

This would refresh the item list from the online store.

If you face connection issues with the online store please click on the Connection.

Click on Reauthorize to reconnect the online store.

Note: This step only needs to be done if the ‘Store Credentials’ are changed on the online store due to which Webgility loses its connection.

IMPORTANT: In any given scenario, please do not disconnect the online store and reconnect in Webgility as that will clear all the previous data and configuration settings.

To check the QuickBooks connection, follow the steps below:

A). Connection with QuickBooks Online

If you are connected with QuickBooks Online, then usually the connection remains intact until and unless the QuickBooks credentials get changed or the company file name gets changed.

In both the above scenarios, you can disconnect and reconnect (not recommended to be done frequently) QBO, but if the name of the company file changes then the configuration in Webgility will get reset upon reconnection.

B). Connection with QuickBooks Desktop

If you are connected with QuickBooks Desktop, The Webgility Extension should be up and running on the computer where ‘QuickBooks Desktop’ is installed and should be referencing the correct ‘QuickBooks Company File Location’

The icon can be found in the system tray at the bottom right-hand side of the Windows Taskbar.

If the icon is not available, then need to launch Webgility and then right click on the Webgility Extension icon and click on ‘manual sync now’

NOTE: The Webgility Extension icon times out due to inactivity in a couple of hours. Hence ‘Manual Sync’ is needed to be done to reactivate the extension.

If you need to check the QuickBooks connection you can use the option ‘Reconnect to QuickBooks’ and tally the company file path/location to make sure QuickBooks is open from the same path/location which is entered in Webgility.

To check from which path the QuickBooks file is currently open, please open QuickBooks and press the ‘F2’ button (in some cases you may need to try fn+F2) to see the path.

Step 2

Check the Matching / Mapping of the item with which you are facing syncing issues

If the item SKU is not matching with the Product Name or the Item Name/Number according to the matching criteria, then it won’t sync. If an item is mapped incorrectly, then it won’t sync the correct quantity or throw an error.

To check the matching items, please click on the ‘All status’ dropdown and select ‘Matched’ option.

To check the ‘Mapped Items’ please access click on ‘All status’ drop-down and select ‘Mapped’.

To check the mappings and remap the products, please check the below help articles:

Step 3

Check the ‘Sync Products’ tab

The next step is to check the ‘Inventory’’ tab to find the out-of-sync products.

More details related to the sync products tab are provided in the below help article:

For any further queries, please send an email to You can also navigate to to chat with our support team or call us back directly at 877 753 5373 ext 3.

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