Webgility Online lets you synchronize your QuickBooks online inventory with your store. You can update the quantity and pricing of your products in your store to sync with QuickBooks and vice versa.

1. Log in to Webgility Online, here.

2. Navigate to Products > Sync Products.

3. On the far right side, click the Refresh icon.

4. Use Filter By: to select Quantity out of sync, Price out of sync, or All from the dropdown menu.

5. Under the Sync Products tab, navigate to Sync and select Price, Quantity, or Price & Quantity, to synchronize your products.

6. Under the Sync Products tab, navigate to From and select Store or QuickBooks as your primary data to synchronize. For example, if you select QuickBooks, updates will be made to your store, and vice versa.

7. Choose the products you want to sync by selecting the box next to each individual product.

8. Click Sync.

9. You will receive a pop-up notification stating Item(s) Synced Successfully once the sync is complete.

Product Syncing with Automation

Webgility Online has the ability to sync all matched or mapped product quantities and/or prices from QuickBooks to the online store or stores.

1. A pop-up asking you to confirm will appear when you click to enable the item syncing. Click Yes to continue. Once you do, you will have to select what you are syncing - price, quantity, or both.

2. The next section addresses items in QuickBooks that have a zero or negative quantity. Enabling these options will set an item’s quantity in your online store to 0 when the quantity in QuickBooks is 0 or a negative value.

Automation: Please refer to this article in order to configure automation in Webgility Online.

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