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How to Synchronize Inventory in Webgility Online
How to Synchronize Inventory in Webgility Online

How to sync inventory between your Online store and QuickBooks Online with Webgility Online.

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How to Synchronize Inventory in Webgility Online

Webgility Online lets you synchronize your QuickBooks online inventory with your store. You can update the quantity and pricing of your products in your store to sync with QuickBooks and vice versa.

Learn how to sync inventory across QuickBooks and your online store & vice versa:

1). Navigate to Products> Inventory.

2). On the far right side, click the Refresh icon to download the latest items from your online store and QuickBooks.

3). From the filter select Out of Sync, from the dropdown menu & it will show the list of items where the quantity between your QuickBooks & Online store doesn’t match.

4). Select the items you want to sync and click the Sync button on the top right. You may select a single item or can select multiple items to sync.

5). You will now need to select the master data and click Sync.


If you wish to sync negative quantities as 0, when updating quantities from QuickBooks to your Online store, please select the option “Sync negative quantity as zero”

6). You should now see a confirmation screen stating that the items have been synced successfully. You can sync inventory from either QuickBooks to Onlinestore or vice versa.

Inventory sync via Automation:

Webgility Online has the ability to sync all matched or mapped product quantities from QuickBooks to your online stores using automation.

Steps to enable Automation:

1). From the left menu, click Automation, and under Scheduler Rules, click Sync Products Automatically to enable the auto inventory sync.

2). A pop-up asking you to confirm will appear when you click to enable the "Sync Products Automatically".

3). Click Yes to continue.

4). Once you do, you will have to select what you are syncing - price, quantity, or both.

5). The next section addresses items in QuickBooks that have a zero or negative quantity. Enabling these options will set an item’s quantity in your online store to 0 when the quantity in QuickBooks is 0 or a negative value.

Automation: Please refer to this article in order to configure automation in Webgility Online.

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