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How to Reactivate a Canceled Account
How to Reactivate a Canceled Account

Reactivate your Webgility Subscription

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*For customers who purchased after 10/11/2023: Your interface may look different. Please chat with support or reach out to if you require additional assistance.

You can reactivate your subscription from your Webgility account, if you have canceled the services at the end of your subscription term or if it was canceled due to failed billing. Please make sure that you are using the email that was linked to your Webgility subscription. Please click the link to log in to your Webgility account [LINK]

Steps to Reactivate Your Webgility Subscription

  1. Once you logged in to your Webgility account navigate to Plan & Usage> Reactivate

2. Once you click Reactivate, it will take you to the Webgility pricing page.

3. Decide on the plan that fits your needs, then Click on Choose Plan and update the payment method to reactivate the subscription.

If, for any reason, you are unable to find the reactivation option under the plan and usage, kindly contact us at

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