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How to update store credentials in Webgility Online
How to update store credentials in Webgility Online

Update store credentials in Webgility Online

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The credentials for the online store linked with Webgility Online can be updated with the following instructions.

Note: The procedure is only required if the Webgility Online application was previously linked to an online sales channel or marketplace and the web credentials have changed.

Steps to Reauthorize/Update store credentials:

Go to Connections. Click Reauthorize for the sales channel you wish to update the credentials.

In the following side pop-up window, click Next.

To Authorize Webgility again click Next

In the next window, it will show Authorization in progress…

Once authorized and the credentials are updated you will get to see the next window. Click Finish to complete the procedure.


The above-mentioned process works for all store types, marketplaces, and sales channels connected to Webgility Online.

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