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Webgility Freezes/Not Responding

Fix Issues with Webgility Desktop Freezing or Not Responding

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Fix Issues with Webgility Desktop Freezing or Not Responding

While using the Webgility application, if it freezes or at times reports not responding, there could be multiple reasons leading to this, here are a few reasons why:

  1. The batch size value for showing orders/products is large on the UI.

  2. Webgility database size is large in memory.

  3. Orders are getting accumulated either in the Posted tab or Archived tab being reindexed impacting the database refresh which hangs the software.

  4. The Database Machine doesn’t meet the recommended system configuration.

Error Message Not Responding

Not Responding or seems to be Frozen

Troubleshooting Not Responding:

In order to enhance the performance of the Webgility application, we recommend following the steps below:

1). RAM should at least be 8GB at a minimum or higher, OS should be Windows 10 or higher, C: Drive (where WD is installed) should have enough free space.

2). For the batch size we recommend selecting 100 as the value for both Show products in batches of & Show orders in batches of and save the settings under Integration> Stores> Advance Settings> Application tab.

3). Move all the orders from the Archive tab to Repository also enable the option to “Enable auto-archive for orders” and save the settings from Integrations> Stores> Advance Settings> Application tab> Order settings. Once done then verify the performance again.

4). Close the Webgility Desktop application on all the machines it is installed on, then on the primary machine go to location C:\Webgility\UnifyEnterprise and look for the file with the name “UnifyDBUtility” and double click it to run it, it will ask you to perform a backup so please select a valid location to save the backup files.

5). It will run the required SQL queries and provide a success popup at the end.

6). You may also try to restart the SQL server services by following the steps below:

A). Type ‘Services’ in the Windows search bar and click ‘Open

B). Look for the SQL Server [Intance name for Webgility], Right click on ‘SQL Server [Instance name for Webgility]’, and click Restart. Similarly, right-click on the services for ‘SQL Server Browser’ & Restart the services as mentioned above.

If the issue still persists, please feel free to contact Webgility Support.

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