1. Navigate to Products > Transfer Products.

2. Look at the information included below from a sales channel, identified as 1. This needs to be overwritten. Then, look at the information required by an accounting solution, identified as 2 and update the fields.

3. Click the plus icon to create various accounts so you do not need to navigate back and forth between Webgility and QuickBooks.

4. Once you've confirmed everything is correct, click Create Product. You can create one or more products that are selected.

5. Next, you will receive a pop-up notifying you of the status of your transfer.

Creating Products in Bulk

You can create products in Bulk as well by selecting multiple items on the left side of the page, confirming the descriptions and presets, and clicking Continue.

In the image below, five items are selected from the left hand side of the page and will be created in bulk.

Next, Webgility will confirm you want to proceed. It will say "You are about to create X Products in Quickbooks" and give you the option to go back if needed.

If all looks well, click Continue

After that, Webgility will show this summary message to confirm the products on the left side have been created. You can now click Close.

Note: When transferring products, keep in mind that the information on the opposite end of the transfer may not be 100% complete. For example, when transferring from your channels there will be information missing that your accounting solution needs for tracking. Specifically, most channels do not require an item cost, but the cost is needed in your accounting solution for accurate profit and loss reporting.

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