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Recommended Settings for Large Order Volume
Recommended Settings for Large Order Volume

Follow these recommendations if you plan to work with 100K+ orders per month in Webgility Desktop.

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Hardware Recommendations:

RAM: 12 GB and above.

Storage: Utilize an SSD drive for optimal performance. Ensure that the operating system (OS), SQL Server, and QuickBooks accounting software are all stored on the SSD drive to manage high I/O effectively.

Operating System (OS): Windows 10, Windows Server 2012 R2, or later versions with the latest security updates installed.

SQL Server: For extended data retention (orders, reports, etc.) in Webgility Desktop, use a licensed version of SQL Server 2016 or later.

Webgility Recommendation

Order Posting Setting:

Use consolidated posting to enhance processing efficiency in both Webgility and your accounting solution. Learn How

Data Retention:

Regularly remove completed/processed orders and settlement reports from Webgility to improve processing times in both Webgility and your accounting solution. If necessary, create a backup of historical data.

WD Utility:

Perform routine database server maintenance by running the Webgility database utility on a weekly or biweekly basis. This helps ensure optimal performance. Learn How

By adhering to these systems and Webgility-specific configurations, you can enhance the efficiency and performance of your Webgility Desktop experience.

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