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How to Connect Webgility Desktop to Your QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Enterprise & POS
How to Connect Webgility Desktop to Your QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Enterprise & POS

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To get started, select whether you are going to copy an existing accounting, POS, or ERP connection from another connection.


This option is not available the first time you connect Webgility to an Accounting, POS, or ERP solution.

If Yes, choose the connection you wish to copy from the drop-down click Continue, and skip to step 2.
If No, select the system you are connecting to from the drop-down:

QuickBooks Pro, Premier, or Enterprise:

  • For QuickBooks Pro, Premier, or Enterprise you will need to be Logged in as the Admin user. Once you are Navigate to the company file via the Browse button.

QuickBooks Point of Sales:

  • For QuickBooks Point of Sales, you should be logged in as the SysAdmin. Then in Webgility Desktop enter the company file name (found in the upper left of the QuickBooks Point of Sale interface) and make sure the computer name for the location of the company file is correct. Finally, select the version of QuickBooks Point of Sale from the drop-down.

2. Click Connect to QuickBooks:

  • QuickBooks Pro Premier or Enterprise:

In QuickBooks Pro Premier or Enterprise, you will receive a pop-up in QuickBooks. Below is the QuickBooks Application Certificate.

  • Select Yes, and always allow access even if QuickBooks is not running.

  • If required select the Admin user from the drop-down.

  • Click Continue and dismiss the next pop-up.

  • QuickBooks Point of Sale:

In QuickBooks Point of Sale, you will get a pop-up for the QuickBooks Application Certificate - shown below.

  • Click Yes, Always.

  • If a user is required select the SysAdmin user.

4. Next are basic order processing settings. These are pre-selected to be the most commonly used. Review the options and select what is right for your store, then click Continue.
5. If you have connected other stores and have shipping processors connected to them, you will also see the option to copy the shipping settings from the other store to the one you are setting up.

6. You will then see a success message. You are now connected to both QuickBooks and your store. At this point, you can further configure the settings or proceed to the Webgility dashboard.

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