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How to Connect Webgility Desktop with QuickBooks POS 19
How to Connect Webgility Desktop with QuickBooks POS 19
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Steps to follow in QuickBooks POS

  1. You need to activate your Webgility account with QuickBooks Point of Sale 19. Next, you will need to have QuickBooks Point of Sale 19 Installed.

  2. Once QuickBooks POS 19 is installed, navigate to File > Setup Interview to begin the integration activation.

3. Next in the pop-up window navigate to the eCommerce tab and click Sign In.

4. In the popup window, log in to your Webgility Account.

5. If you have not already set up your credentials, visit and log in with your registered email. Then, reset your password.

6. In the following two popups, approve the integration by clicking Agree & Continue.

7. Now, click OK to finalize the connection.

8. Close the Setup Interview by clicking Done.

Steps to follow in Webgility Desktop

9. Now, you will connect QuickBooks Point of Sale in the Webgility Desktop application. Note: before continuing with this connection, you will have to have a store added. If you have not added a store yet, learn how here.

10. Select No, I wish to use a New Accounting/POS/ERP software. Then:

  • Select the QuickBooks POS 5.0 and up option for Accounting/POS/ERP software

  • Enter the POS file name for the Data file name

  • Enter the POS Server computer name

  • For the POS version select 19

11. Finally, click Connect to QuickBooks.

12. Click Yes, Always, and grant access permission.

13. Once the connection is complete and the QuickBooks Point of Sale data and settings download, click Continue.

14. Then, configure your settings to post orders into QuickBooks and identify what your online order status means. Then click Continue.

15. Finally, the Webgility Desktop application QuickBooks Point of Sale are connected!

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