Updates View in Webgility Desktop

Learn more about how to use the updates view in Webgility.

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What is Updates View?

The Updates View contains a list of all the orders that have updates based on the configurations you have set up. Downloading order updates is not a common practice and requires special use cases.

Steps to accept or reject the updates

If you've opted to update orders under predefined conditions, Webgility will mark changed orders as grayed out in the order view after downloading. In such cases, navigate to the Updates View to determine your course of action for the order and its updated information.

You have the option to either ignore the update, maintain the order as is, or directly download the updated order from the online store. If you choose to download the update and the order has already been posted to the accounting system, you will receive a prompt to void the original transaction, allowing you to repost it with the updated information.

To customize when an order transitions to the Updates view, navigate to the Integrations menu > Store > Settings. Click on the "Other Settings" tab and choose the criteria based on which Webgility should move orders to the Updates view for your attention.

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