You are able to remove transactions in your accounting software that were posted by the Webgility Desktop app with Undo Sync. The transactions that you can remove include invoices, sales receipts and sales orders, once these transactions are deleted from the accounting file the inventory is readjusted. This is compatible with QuickBooks Enterprise, QuickBooks Pro/Premiere, QuickBooks Online, and Xero.

In order to remove a transaction from your accounting software, open the specific transaction in Webgility Desktop that you want to delete and click the Undo Sync icon in the bottom right hand corner, then confirm. Alternatively, you can right click on the posted transaction and select to unsync it.

How to Undo Sync for Multiple Transactions

If you want to undo sync for multiple transactions, select each transaction you want the action performed on, then right click and select the Undo Sync option then confirm.

Undo Sync for QuickBooks Point Of Sale (POS)

When using the undo sync option for a QuickBooks POS connection in Webgility Desktop it does not delete that transaction but instead creates a reverse transaction as a return receipt and readjusts the quantity of products.

Undo Sync for a Consolidated Batch Transactions

When transactions are posted consolidated in groups (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Manually) they can be unsynced by going to Orders > Reports > Consolidate Report. Then click the Undo Sync icon associated with the corresponding group transaction.

Note: It is important to be extra cautious when using the undo sync feature as it will move posted orders to the unposted category in Webgility. These removed transactions will directly impact your accounting file.

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