Order Posting to Incorrect Bin Location

Order Posting to Incorrect Bin Location

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Order Posting to Incorrect Bin Location

To resolve this issue we need to enable Advanced Inventory Settings in Webgility Desktop.

Note: First enable advanced inventory tracking in Quickbooks before configuring advanced inventory in Webgility. Please refer to the following link to learn how to enable advanced inventory in QuickBooks Desktop. LINK

Learn how to configure advanced inventory options in the Webgility Desktop application.

1). To enable the Advanced Inventory feature, navigate to Integrations> Accounting> Posting Settings> Products. Select the Default inventory site for this store. This will post the transactions to QuickBooks in the specified inventory site only.

2). To map inventory sites based on individual items navigate to Products> Mapping> Inventory Sites.

3). Select the product and choose the Inventory site and Bin location. You can leave the Bin Location blank if no mapping is required. Save your mapping selections by clicking Save.

NOTE: If the option to enable advanced inventory is not there in Webgility, log in to QuickBooks as administrator, switch to single-user mode, and download the latest data from QuickBooks from Integrations> Download latest data & settings.

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