Product Catalog Overview in Webgility Online

Product Catalog Overview in Webgility Online

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Product Catalog Overview in Webgility Online

The Products Catalog view is the center of control for your listings. It is accessed by clicking on the Products > Product Catalog in Webgility Online. This article is going to outline various views of the Product Catalog.

All the items are listed on the Product Catalog screen as shown above. We can see the SKUs along with their names and their availability in QuickBooks and the connected online store.

The Red Color Dots denote that the item is not available. It can appear under the QuickBooks column or the store column depending upon where the item is not available as shown above.

Similarly, the Green Color Dots denote where the item is available, in the online store or QuickBooks.

The Gray Colored Dot denotes that the item is marked as Ignored in Webgility. An ignored item does not participate in the Create, Map, and Sync Process (cost, price, and quantity) but you can still receive orders for an ignored item from the online store and post it in QuickBooks.

You can perform various actions on the products such as ‘Create’ ‘Ignore’ ‘Map’.

  • Create Item will create the item in QuickBooks or the online store based on the availability as denoted by the red or the green dot.

  • Ignore Item shall mark the item as ignored and show a gray dot against the item that is not participating in the sync process.

  • Map item shall help you in mapping the item if you choose to do so due to the SKU not fulfilling the item matching criteria which is defined under the Product settings.

To access the Product Settings, you can directly click on the gear icon as shown in the screenshot below and check the matching criteria:

This option will redirect you to the Product’s configuration section inside the Accounting settings. To learn more about the Product Setup and overview, click here.

In the below screenshot, the restore option is clickable because there is an Ignored item selected or the Restore option would be grayed out. Only an Ignored item in Webgility can be restored.

Similarly, the Unmap option is grayed out until the mapped item is not selected. If a mapped item is selected, then the Unmap option will be clickable.

You can also filter out items based on the Online Store and QuickBooks Online platforms. In the below screenshot, the Shopify store is connected to the Online store Platform.

You can also filter out items that are missing, mapped, matched, and ignored from the entire catalog as shown in the below screenshot.

Download Products In Webgility Online

On the Product Catalog screen, the user gets a Refresh icon at the top right to download the products in Webgility Online from QuickBooks Online as well as from the Online store.

Select the Refresh Icon, Webgility Online will download the items from both platforms and prepare the latest Product Catalog report.

Export Product Catalog

The Export icon will help users export the product catalog in the CSV file.

Export / Import Mappings

To perform mappings in CSV, we can export them from Webgility and import them as shown in the screenshot above.

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