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How to Post Transactions Based on Payment Methods in Webgility Desktop
How to Post Transactions Based on Payment Methods in Webgility Desktop

How to Post Transactions Based on Payment Methods in Webgility Desktop

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How to Post Transactions Based on Payment Methods in Webgility Desktop

Webgility Desktop allows you to setup online sales to post into distinct accounts in QuickBooks by segregating them based on the received payment methods for the orders.

You have the option to assign varied transaction types and distinct accounts while organizing incoming orders from your online store based on different payment methods.

Setup to Post Transactions in QuickBooks Based on Payment Method:

1. Navigate to Integrations> Accounting/POS/ERP> Posting Settings.

2. Go to Orders> Posting Rules, and under "Select the transaction type for posting orders" please select the option "Post differently based on payment method".

3. Next, select the Payment method from the drop-down and choose the desired transaction type to post orders into QuickBooks using this selected payment method.

4. Under the Setup, you are able to define the template, terms, sales rep, transaction class, and chart of accounts from QuickBooks.

5. Click on the + icon to add other payment methods, if needed, and set up rules for it.

6. After all of the payment methods and their rules are defined, it is mandatory to set up a rule for Anything else. Then click Save & Continue to finish.


With the new release of Webgility 9.6.3, we get an option to create unpaid invoices for all (Manual, cash, Net 15, 30, 60) orders along with the paid orders when using the automated Shopify payout & fees configuration.

For payment method Shopify_Payments select the mark invoice paid option and select a deposit to account.

For Unpaid invoices leave the mark invoice as paid option check box blank.

You can also post paid Sales Receipts or invoices for all other payment methods along with the same settings.

Payment Methods not showing up in the dropdown? Here is how to add additional payment methods:

1. Click Setup under Configure mappings> Map Payment Method

2. In the new Payment Mappings window that pops up, enter the name of the payment method and click Add New Method.

3. Then click Save & Close.

4. Click Save & Continue in the main window to complete the addition of this payment method.

Disclaimer 1:

When adding a new payment method, please ensure that you navigate to the orders section and copy the precise payment method that is associated with each order. When adding the new method, paste it directly into the designated box.

Disclaimer 2:

If you are unable to find the payment method in the drop-down that you have recently added, Simply go back to the dashboard and come back to the posting settings again.

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