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A Guide to Webgility Desktop - NetSuite Integration
A Guide to Webgility Desktop - NetSuite Integration

Webgility - NetSuite Integration Guide

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Before utilizing the Webgility - NetSuite Desktop integration, it is important to ensure that certain prerequisites are met. This article outlines the essential requirements to set up a smooth and seamless integration between Webgility and NetSuite.


1). TBA Setup in NetSuite:

  • Ensure that Token-Based Authentication (TBA) is set up in your NetSuite account.

  • TBA should be assigned appropriate access permissions to an existing user or the admin user. Alternatively, you can create a new user and assign TBA access permissions.

2). NetSuite Connection Setup:

  • Set up the connection between NetSuite and Webgility Desktop according to the standard documentation provided in the connection guide.

  • Follow all the steps accurately to establish a successful connection.

Refer to this Webgility Helpcenter article for detailed information on TBA setup and Connection setup: Connect Webgility Desktop with NetSuite

3). Subsidiary Selection in Webgility:

  • When syncing data to a specific subsidiary in NetSuite, ensure that you select the correct subsidiary in Webgility at the test connection screen.

  • For more information about subsidiaries in NetSuite, refer to the appropriate documentation provided by NetSuite.

4). Enable Data Download in Background:

  • It is recommended to enable the "Data Download" option in either Webgility Desktop Scheduler settings or keeping the Webgility app open and it downloads the Data in the background. Scheduler settings

  • Enabling this option allows Webgility to fetch relevant data from NetSuite, reducing the chances of data-related errors when performing tasks within Webgility.

5). Follow Recommended Posting Settings:

  • To avoid errors, follow the recommended order posting settings in Webgility Desktop.

  • Adhering to the recommended order of operations ensures a streamlined integration process, however, the configuration may vary based on the business needs.

  • Use the NetSuite Menu navigation guide to troubleshoot any permission-specific issues while syncing any data with it.

Reporting Errors and Issues: If you encounter any errors or issues while using Webgility desktop with NetSuite, please refer to our support resources or reach out to our dedicated support team for assistance. By reporting these issues, we can address them promptly and work towards resolving them quickly for you.

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