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How to Connect OpenCart to Webgility Desktop
How to Connect OpenCart to Webgility Desktop
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To connect Webgility with Opencart, you will need to install the Webgility Store Module. This will require you to have your web store FTP information.

1. First login to with your login credentials.

2. Next, navigate to Downloads. Under Select Store Type select OpenCart and then click Webgility Store Module to download.

3. The store module needs to be uploaded to the root directory of your OpenCart store via the FTP Client application. If needed, consult your web developer on how to do this. Once this step is complete, proceed to connect the store to Webgility.

4. Launch Webgility and navigate to Integration > Stores > Add New Store. If this is the first store you are adding, after installation of the Webgility Desktop app, you will be directed to the store connection window.

5. For Select store choose OpenCart, then Give your store a name, and Enter store web address. An example store web address is: Click Continue.

6. Now, enter the store's admin credentials and click Connect to OpenCart.

7. As soon as you click to connect to the store, Webgility Desktop will communicate with the Webgility store module and begin to download the data and settings from your online store.

8. Click Continue once the data download finishes.

9. Enter your business contact information. Note: the fields with a red asterisk are required.

10. Define how you want to post orders to QuickBooks and how you want to identify store orders by selecting the desired configurations, then click Continue.

11. Next, you can either select the option to configure more detailed settings or download the first few orders from the store into Webgility.

12. The next few screens are for connecting your Accounting, ERP, or POS system to Webgility. You can get more details on this here.

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