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How to Integrate UPS with Webgility Desktop
How to Integrate UPS with Webgility Desktop

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1. To integrate UPS, navigate to Integration > Shipping > Shipping Settings.

2. Select Yes for Do you ship your orders? and select UPS Direct.

3. Once UPS Direct is selected, a new tab will appear for UPS. Click Register to enter your UPS account details.

4. Initially, the UPS Developer Kit License and Registration Wizard will open and guide you through UPS registration. Click Next to proceed.

5. The next screen will show an agreement for the acceptance of terms and conditions. Once you read the terms and conditions, scroll down and select I agree on UPS License agreement. Then click Next.

6. Now you need to enter both your account details and invoice details.Once this information is entered, click Next. Note: invoice details are only needed when you have negotiated rates with UPS.

7. You will see a message that states Registration is successful. Click Close.

Default Settings:

8. Once registration is complete, select the folder where your labels will be saved.

Click Browse.

9. It is recommended that you create a new folder named UPS Labels on your desktop.

10. Select the folder and click OK.


11. Next you will need to select the printer type, the name of the printer, and the label image type.

  • For thermal printers, you can only select ZPL or EPL for image type and the Preview label before the print option is not available.

  • For other printers, you can select GIF or PNG for image type, and the Preview label before the print option can be used.

Click Save & Continue to complete the integration with UPS.

Shipping Rules:

12. In order to set default rules for this shipping processor, go to the Shipping Rules tab. Click Configure for the UPS shipping processor.


13. Configure the presets that you want to appear by default upon selection of the UPS shipping processor for the shipping order and click Save.

Know, how to process shipment:

14. Once all of your settings are configured, navigate to Dashboard > New Orders and use the Process Shipping feature to generate the labels.

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