Invoice Payment Creation Failed

Learn how to solve an invoice payment creation issue in Webgility.

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When posting orders as a paid invoice, the invoice gets created but payment creation fails and shows the following error: You can't create a payment more than the amount due.


The invoice amount is less than the payment amount when creating the payment for the invoice. This is likely due to the tax being calculated differently between the store and QuickBooks. If the store tax is greater than what QuickBooks calculates it as, this causes a difference and the payment cannot be applied to the invoice.


To resolve this issue, you will need to either correct your tax calculation in your store or QuickBooks to make sure the tax calculation is the same in both. Or, you will need to select an option in Webgility Desktop to create payment in the QuickBooks transaction total. This will cause Webgility Desktop to create a payment based on the invoice total rather than the order total.

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